Yale Keyfree: The digital door lock

The Yale Keyfree lock is one of the most exciting developments in recent home technology for security.

Home security is a fast growing concern in the home automation industry. Knowing your house and family is safe from intruders at the tip of your fingertips is invaluable.

This June, Yale have released the innovative Keyfree digital door lock. Not only is it ‘keyfree’, with wireless technology and a 12-digit keypad, but it’s packed full of features for added security and entry functionality.

Yale Keyfree Digital Door Lock

As illustrated above, the user can operate the door lock with a remote control or by entering a 4-12 digit code. No more fumbling around for keys and the ability to unlock the door as you approach. No potential for added security has been left out with a built-in alarm if tampered with and a key override for emergencies. It also includes a back-up battery just in case it’s caught short.

Check out this short demo clip from Yale:

Smart Home Integration

The Yale Keyfree lock gets even smarter with built-in compatibility for Z-Wave integration with your smart home control centre, such as Control4. This means you could also operate the lock from a mobile device, anywhere in the world. The home control system integration further opens up a world of exciting possibilities. For example, the system could be programmed to notify you by email about entries between certain times, or to only grant access to certain codes on a specific day of the week. This takes home security to new levels of protection.

Further features include:

  • IP 45 weather resistance
  • Up to 20 individual user codes
  • Temporary 1 day codes for visitors or contractors
  • Available in various finish: polished brass or chrome
  • Meets Secured by Design standards

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