Which Home Control System is Right for Your Home Automation Project?

If you want your smart home to be convenient, not confusing, then you need just one home control system, or hub, to control your smart devices. But which one?

home automation systems londonIn a smart home, lights turn on when they sense your presence and the heating comes on automatically according to your needs. But only if you have a home control system, or hub, that works with you rather than against you.

Companies are desperate for you to choose their brand of home control system over that of a rival. Tech titans from Google to Samsung have thrown their hats into the ring and bought hub makers Revolv and SmartThings respectively. With the stakes being an untapped market of almost every household in the country, you can see why things have suddenly got so serious.

What difference does it make to the consumer?

Though research firms put the potential market value of smart homes in the tens, if not hundred  of millions, unless homeowners get a chance to become familiar with what an automated home actually is, most will be unwilling to part with their money on a relatively new technology.

Another problem for the nascent industry is the bewildering amount of choice. Every company wants a slice of the home automation market (recently Swiss speaker manufacturer Logitech announced that it would be releasing a home automation product), which has resulted in a lot of ‘jumping on the bandwagon’ and not necessarily a whole lot of expertise. A company such as ours, with years of experience in the field, remains something of an exception, not the rule.

So which control system is right for your home?

Before you decide on an answer, it helps if you have your goals and requirements in mind.

Do you have a lot of Apple products?

If you can see yourself easily operating your home from iPhones or iPads, then Savant is a brand that is certainly worth considering. Though it is a relatively new company, they make an excellent product that stands up well to the competition. One of Savant’s real strengths, like Apple, is in their ability to create an intuitive interface that is satisfying to use.

On the other hand, some people find Savant’s dependance on Apple to be a real drawback. If you like to use a variety of different products, or would like to keep your options wider than the latest iPhone, locking yourself into the Apple ecosystem might not be such a smart move.

Do you want a reliable system that works well with a wider variety of other devices?

Control4 are a company who have really gone above and beyond the rest when it comes to branding themselves as “the” home automation company. For many people, the term home automation and Control4 are already somewhat synonymous. Control4’s high visibility means that the people who are making the very best smart devices keep Control4 systems in mind, so you will find that a wider variety of products work well with this choice. It’s a proven, reliable home control system manufacturer that comes at a reasonable price tag.

Do you have ambitious project in mind that offers incredibly precise control?

For those that accept no limitations to their home automation project, Creston is the solution. This company sets the standard when it comes to systems that can do what no others can and programming that is flexible to your every need. Creston systems require a lot of difficult programming, but when our qualified and experienced professionals are finished, you’ll have a system that works exactly the way you want it to, without compromise!

Trying to decide which hub would work best for your home automation project? Our qualified and experienced staff have worked on dozens of projects with consistently excellent results, and can help you get the results that you need.