What You Need to Know About Lighting Control

Modern lighting control is about more than just dimmer switches, it’s about a simple, user-friendly energy efficient system that can enhance the look and feel of your home.

lighting installation londonLighting control is a seamless, sleek and fully integrated system which is used to enhance the environment by controlling the amount and quality of light. Lighting control is a lifestyle feature, just like audio and home theatre, that is designed around you and your family.

Lighting Control is Beautifully Simple

A good lighting system doesn’t mean hundreds of switches and bulbs. Thanks to wireless technology, lighting systems can be installed without huge amount of rewiring or wall cutting. One keypad can control all of a home’s lighting, whether it be a floor lamp in the office or a chandelier in the dining room. By getting the combination of in-house lighting and daylight just right, you can create an inviting and comfortable home environment and enhance your surroundings. At KAV London, we install Lutron and Crestron lighting control and use a speciality in-house lighting designer. With a good control system and an elegant design, lighting control is beautifully simple.

Lighting Control Works For You

Lighting control systems are designed to work for you. Managing your lighting can take a couple of seconds instead of ten minutes if you have a lighting control system. Know the feeling of walking around the home switching off all the lights before bed? With a lighting control system you can do it in seconds from just one place – either with a wireless controller or a wall-mounted keypad. Even easier than that? Occupancy sensors can turn lights off automatically when everyone leaves the room.

Lighting Control Improves Safety and Security

A little outside light left on can improve the safety and security of your home by discouraging intruders. Switch your lighting system to simulate occupancy when you’re away from your home and lights will turn on and off to create the illusion of someone being home.

Coming home past daylight hours? Program your lights to automatically turn on when you pull into the driveway or open the door. This is a good way to prevent unfortunate incidents for anyone coming home when it’s already dark.

Lighting Control is Energy Efficient

A lighting control system means there’s no need to worry about saving energy, your lighting system can do it all for you. Room sensors can automatically turn of indoor and outdoor lights when people leave the area, meaning there’s no risk of accidentally leaving lights when you don’t need them. When you do have the lights on, turning them down by just 10% will result in energy savings without compromising the room’s lighting level. When coupled with a window shading control system, your lighting control system can use natural daylight to create light and warmth inside your home.

KAV London offer lighting control installation in London, Fulham and the surrounding area. If you would like a fully integrated light control system to fit your home and lifestyle, we know just what to do.