Watching Films in the Cinema vs. the Comfort of Your Own Home Cinema

public cinema in LondonWhich is better – watching films in public cinemas, or enjoying films in your private home theatre? With incredible advances to home technology, including HD televisions, surround sound systems, and even home automation, is there really any need to leave the house for a truly cinematic experience?

73% of people say they prefer watching films at home compared to at the local cinema. But do the other 27% know something we don’t?

Sound and Picture

With excellent quality surround sound and high-definition television screens in many UK homes, home cinema is definitely competing well against traditional cinemas. The average TV screen in the UK is now 33” wide, but that’s still nothing compared to the average cinema screen at 826” (that’s about 21 metres). Surround sound in the cinema is always professionally set up for the optimum experience too, though many people complain that it’s too loud. Does that make complete control in your own home theatre the better option?

Complete Control

Home cinema gives you complete control over your cinematic experience. Need a toilet break? Pause the film. Is someone speaking over the film? Turn up the sound. Suddenly confused by a complex sci-fi plot and think you’ve missed some vital information? Rewind.

Watching films at home means you have control of when you start and stop your film. With home automation, you can wirelessly control all electronic devices from just a single device that can be small enough to fit in your pocket.

Choose your Audience

Being in public means being with the public. Sometimes you find yourself surrounded by people who just won’t stop nattering, the loud noise of someone crunching on crisps, and a lit-up mobile phone screen all in the same room. Whilst in your own living room, in your own home theatre you can choose who you watch films with. If you’re a real cinephile then you’re not going to want all of the distractions that come with cinema viewing for sure.

Having the Best Seat in the House

Ever end up in the front row at the cinema, craning your neck to see the film? After two and a half hours of that, anyone’s neck would ache. Watch films in your own home theatre and it’s not a problem. Make yourself comfortable on your own sofa, grab a blanket and put your feet up. Home cinema certainly has the plus of being much more comfortable.

Burning a Hole in your Pocket

The price of cinema tickets in the UK has risen dramatically over the last 10 years. In 2003, the average ticket cost only £4.44. Fast-forward to 2013 and the average cinema ticket will now set you back £6.53, with the price in London rising to an average of £9.50. Rather than paying out over £30 for a family trip to the cinema, renting a film, watching one on the TV, or legally downloading or streaming one from iTunes or Netflix will work out much cheaper. The one downside to watching at home is having to wait for those new releases that the cinema has first.

Prefer Watching Films in your own Home Cinema?

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Do you prefer watching films in the cinema or in the comfort of your own home cinema? Tell us your thoughts in the comments.