These Smart Tech Gadgets Might Be What Your Dog Needs


A research done by Grand View Research revealed that the global pet wearable market is expected to reach 1.8 billion GBP by 2022. Some analysts have even suggested it won’t be long before pet owners are spending more on smart tech for their pets than they do on their food. While gadgets for tech savvy humans get smarter, developers have been hard at work designing devices to bring greater comfort and fun to the lives of both pets and their owners. This means that if you are looking for tech to help you in interacting with your furry friend, you are sure to find a lot of smart tech options that can be installed in your home.

Dog exercise

Dogs are pack animals by nature, this means they naturally crave and thrive off companionship and play. Althouse’s smart dog companion robot might be a bit costly but it’s certainly not as expensive as getting a second dog to keep your beloved pet company. If your dog enjoys running to collect a tennis ball, this robotic toy has the ability to entertain by launching tennis balls anywhere from 8 to 28 feet. When your precious friend has had enough fun, you can reward him by directing the robot to dispense treats. The Wagz Go Smart door also enables you to give your dog the freedom to play outside even when you are not at home. Working in conjunction with the Wagz Pet Pendant (a collar attachment), the Go Smart Door will unlock as your dog approaches, granting them access to outside, and then automatically relock once they have reached a safe distance, protecting your home from entry by unwanted intruders.

Dog Surveillance Tech

Pet cameras are changing the way pet owners are taking care of their pets. These smart tech gadgets give you the ability to interact and observe your pet at home, even when you are at work or somewhere on a trip. The Furbo Dog Camera is a pet surveillance system that lets you interact with your dog via treat dispensing and a two-way “talk” system. Its accompanying app can be used to take a video of your pet remotely. One feature of the Furbo camera that any dog owner will appreciate is the gadget’s bark alert feature, which detects when your dog is barking and alerts you through your phone.

Another option is the Nest Cam security camera that makes spying on your dog easier than it seems. It has a night vision clarity feature and uses its app to enable verbal interaction while also alerting you of your dog’s activities or specific movements. Based on motion detection, the camera’s motion sensor can differentiate between types of movement such as your pup rolling over (which is classified as an activity alert) or a person entering your house (classified as a person alert).

Feeding Smart Tech

A nutritious, balanced diet is essential to keeping your dog healthy and this can be difficult to practise if you are rarely at home. The Rollipet is a smart food dispenser that allows you to use its accompanying app to automate the amount of food your dog needs and the frequency with which the food is dispensed. Another option is the Petnet’s SmartBowl which lets you create a diet profile for your pets while also enabling you to monitor their food intake in order to ensure they are eating a healthy amount. The app also has a reminder that informs you when it’s feeding time, and the lights on the feeding bowl guide you so you only give your pet the right portion.

With the emergence of smart tech for pets, it might be time for you to get one and give your dog the stimulation and fun they need when you are away. These gadgets can also improve the interaction between you and your pets whether remotely or at home.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]