Themed Home Theatres: Watch Films in the Bat Cave

The Latest Trends in Themed Home Theatre Design

 bat cave themed home theatreAt KAV London, we look at some of the latest trends in home theatre design, from sleek and sophisticated works of artistic endeavor, to the more quirky and playful approaches.

1. Canvas of Imagination

If you are looking to impress your friends with your intellectual credentials and exquisite taste, then the work of Baumeister Electronic Architects should interest you. At first glance, the room is a first class art gallery, but look a little closer and realise that a retractable 14-foot multimedia screen and drop-down plasma screens are waiting in the wings. This is the perfect place to entertain high-calibre guests.

2. Dark Knight

Every man needs a space where he can feel like a superhero. Bobby Bala has had a chance to push this idea as far as it can go, by designing the ultimate bat cave themed private theatre. Complete with hidden entrance requiring a fingerprint scan, this £1.2 million private theatre boasts an enormous 180” screen, as well as a batmobile.

3. French Elegance

This French country chateau inspired home theatre allows you to experience a night with the stars. A magnificent inside-outside design takes your guests to the tranquility of the French countryside, through a mesmerising starscape on the ceiling. A perfect atmosphere for impressing that high-profile client.

Why Choose High-End Home Cinema Installation?

All of our home cinema installations are bespoke, which means that there is limitless scope for personalisation. We work with prestigious architects and interior designers across the country, to make your private cinema a unique viewing experience, not only in audio-visual quality, but also in personalised design and an artistic level of attention to detail.

The beauty of high-end home cinema installation is that you will be working with our highly qualified and multilingual project management team, so that you can control every step of the installation process. You can also choose from a range of speakers, with both Artcoustic and Leon Speakers producing soundbars and speakers to measure – essential for securing that polished final look.

Not only can you have the cinema system of your dreams, but the seats to go with it to. We work closely with Fortress Seating to install seats that are both comfortable and cinematic. With the optional upgrade to D-box technology, your seat can vibrate and jump in time with your film, for next level viewing satisfaction.

Work with our Designers today for your own Bespoke Private Theatre. Some samples of our work are available on Pinterest.


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