The Future is Open: Stay in Control of Your Gadgets

home automationBig name technology manufacturers offer conformity across the board, but is this necessarily the best way to automate your abode?

The smart home market has been a monopoly for a while now, with companies such as Apple and Samsung well on the way to launching a complete automation bundle. Packages like Apple’s impending HomeKit will consolidate every aspect of the home, linking your smartphone to each of your wireless appliances.

However, the shift towards one-brand systems could make things a lot more difficult in homes with existing automated devices. The latest releases won’t necessarily be compatible with products from other companies and finding a mediating system could prove costly. So how can you assure the future of your smart home?

Don’t Close Yourself Off

The global tech giants will always attempt to keep up with current consumer trends, but this doesn’t mean they are working for the consumer. By investing in a uniform home automation system, you run the risk of losing out as the market develops. If, say Apple, discontinued their HomeKit range or another smart tech company you backed went bust, you’d be left at a bit of a dead end.

Apple have assured investors that their new innovation will work in accordance with established automation providers such as Honeywell and GE. Though until these claims are confirmed it, it might be worth keeping your options open.

Opt For a Hub That Covers All Bases

A good way of doing this is by installing a smart hub that can connect with a broad range of third party devices. A Control 4 Operating System can sync with a large number of automated appliances and link them together to form a network that stretches across the whole household. With over 7,500 compatible devices, including products from a host of brand leaders, Control 4 can have every room in your house functioning on the same wavelength. Unlike Apple, they specialise solely in the automation game and have done so for over a decade.

The HomeKit is set to revolutionise the smart tech industry, as it will allow users to run their gadgets directly from their iPhone or iPad, without the need for an app. But revolution is not always the most complete solution. The launch of the HomeKit has already been pushed back to the end of this year and in the meantime the market is pressing ahead. Leaving yourself with a little more leeway can guarantee your home won’t become an automated graveyard in the years to come. Since Control 4 are focused exclusively on offering their customers a truly immersive experience, you can be sure they will continue to expand their range as more tech innovations begin to emerge.

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