Spring Newsletter


2015 has been packed full of new developments and exciting events in the KAV world. From a brand new showroom at our office in Fulham to launching our cook-off evenings at Miele, it has been a great start to the year. 

Take a look at what’s been going on below, the events we’ve hosted, our travels and projects, our interactive online showroom and what’s coming up in May!


Audio Visual CPD
Our last CPD on working and designing with audio visual companies went very well at our showroom in Fulham. To book in for our next CPD, check the dates below and drop us an email

Miele Cook Off

We have enjoyed 4 cook-off events so far this year at the Miele Showroom with a range of our clients and business partners. Take a look at our leaderboard and photos of all the nights online and let us know if you’d like to get involved next time!


New Website!
Our new website shows off the beautiful photography from our projects and installations. Click the image to explore.

Interactive Online Showroom

If you haven’t already seen it… follow the link and watch our new showroom sketch itself to life! It is also interactive and you can explore all the audio visual technology that we have installed.

We’ve just been to Germany to meet with Julius Berger Construction about one of our exciting projects in Lagos, Nigeria.

Earlier in the month we also travelled to Nigeria for consultation on a home cinema installation project. Take a look at the systems and products we work with here!


LED light bulbs are revolutionising energy consumption in the home. Take a look at our interactive infographic to compare the Watts required and the annual cost of your typical bulbs.

Next CPD

| Friday 29th May |

An insight into working and designing with audio visual companies, hosted at our showroom in Fulham. Get in contact to book a place.

Cook Off
Stay Tuned!

We invite a new selection of contestants each month so let us know in advance if you’re interested in taking part.

Grand Designs
| 2 – 10 May |

Grand Technology will be huge this year, showcasing the latest trends and developments in home automation, gadgets and control systems.