Bang & Olufsen’s handcrafted loudspeakers replicate original sounds to near perfection, capturing the artist’s passion. The world around you disappears as you immerse yourself in music and experience the subtle details of each piece. Small, streamlined speakers, with Bang & Olufsen’s iconic look, add elegance to your London home while providing the highest quality audio experience. A patented ICEpower amplifier means that speakers require less cooling space, so they can be small enough to fit wherever you want them.

Bang and Olufsen speakers

Sound quality is maximised with acoustic lenses that spread high frequencies in a 180 degree horizontal arc around the room, so sounds can travel over a wide area without reflecting off the floor or ceiling. Adaptive bass linearisation harnesses surplus capacity in the amplifier and driver unit to increases the speaker’s bass output. The Playmaker allows you to stream music from your tablet, smartphone, Mac or PC directly to the speakers. The Playmaker is a small and discreet product that will allow a sleek and smart look to your house or apartment in London. Whether you choose the compact BeoLab 3, the ultraslim BeoLab 12 or the wall or ceiling mounted BeoLab 15 & 16 you’ll find that your speakers fit discreetly in your living environment, creating a powerful sound with a subtle look