Sound Systems

“Since 1925, Bang & Olufsen has been synonymous with the art of acoustic perfection. To this day our craftsmen still calibrate and tune every loudspeaker model by hand.”

At our B&O Chelsea shop, we offer customers the ultimate sound experience from the finest audio equipment made by a company dedicated to sound excellence for almost 100 years.

Sound Systems

All of our Bang & Olufsen sound systems let you save space without sacrificing quality.

With the BeoSound 5 Encore, you can play your CDs and future music purchases. Choose from more than 13,000 international radio stations.

Expand your music collection with Bang & Olufsen’s intelligent MOTS feature, which analyses the sound, dynamics and rhythmic aspects of the song you’re listening to and offers you a playlist of similar music that can take you to places in your music collection you may have forgotten you had.

Plug and play capability lets you play your music from any device with a line out socket, such as an iPod, Hard Drive, with an Apple Airport Express Airplay your music or plug a USB stick directly in to the USB drive. Any music you have on ypur mobile phone, play it directly via BeoSound 5 on any of the great Bang & Olufsen loudspeakers. This may lead you to hear things in your digital music you have never noticed before. With a full support of lossless formats, enjoy the best quality music with no effort.

The BeoLit 12 is beautifully designed, stylish and retro looking speaker.  It is wireless and portable, so you can play music from your iPod, iPhone, iPad, Mac, PC or any smartphone. Watch your favourite film on your iPad and click the Airplay icon for enhanced sound.

With BeoPlay A9 you get a complete, one piece stereo system that lets you stream music from your phone, tablet or music player, without the use of extra cables, speakers or amplifiers. This streamlined device has a graceful, contemporary look and will fit anywhere in your home.

BeoSound Essence

BeoSound 5

BeoPlay A9

BeoPlay A8

BeoLit 12


Bang & Olufsen ensures the quality of all its sound equipment through rigorous testing.

The power, frequency and directivity responses of loudspeakers are tested in ‘The Cube’, a 12x12x13 meter empty room, one of the largest privately owned electroacoustic measuring facilities in the world. Because there is no match for the human ear, after acoustic measurements are taken, speakers must be tested by a panel of experts, selected for their extraordinary hearing.