Smart Homes: Making Life Easy, Comfortable & Efficient

smart home control fulhamA smart home is one which uses home automation technology to make the lives of those living there easier, more comfortable and more efficient. Smart home technology involves connecting all electronic devices and appliances in the home to one single network.

When connected to this network, electronic devices and appliances are able to communicate with each other and with you. You can then operate everything through your smartphone or even better just with your voice!

What can Smart Homes Do?

The most popular aspects of smart home technology include access and security control, multi-room audio, home theatre, and lighting control. Full automation of your home makes everything simple and efficient.

With a smart home, you can lock doors automatically when you leave the house and open them automatically when you return. Forgot to turn the heating off? You can do it from your bed, or even from the car when you’re already half-way down the motorway. Left the oven on again? It’s no problem, you can turn all your appliances on and off from a mobile device.

Not only do smart homes help to keep your family safe from fire, but they also make your home more secure against break-ins.

How Many Smart Homes Are There?

Home automation technology has been on the market for a number of years, and can be seen in many luxury homes across the UK. However, less than 0.1% of UK homes currently have a home automation system installed. This number is set to grow rapidly for both new and existing homes by 2017.

An increasing awareness of the benefits of home automation technology combined with decreasing installation costs means that over the next five years, home automation is set to become one of the UK’s fastest growing markets.

The demand for home automation is likely to be supported by continued development of high-speed broadband services. As new and improved products come on the market, there will be a great emphasis toward taking advantage of digital technology and creating a better environment for home owners.

Thinking about making your home more intelligent? Our team would love to speak with you about home automation and making your home and life smart.