Savant and Apple

Are you thinking of installing a control system in your home, but worried that you’ll be replacing a bunch of confusing controllers with one that’s even more confusing?

Let KAV London install a home automation system from Savant, and you’ll have no cause for concern.

Savant Integration with Apple

Savant is the only control system with a platform that is entirely Apple-based. It was the first company to let you control everything in your home with an Apple device on your iPhone, iPad, iPad touch or Mac. All of its controllers share the familiar Apple interface, so you don’t have to learn anything new.

The TrueControl iOS app lets you use your iPad, iPad mini, iPhone or iPad touch or Mac to control the entertainment, lighting, climate and security in your home.

TrueImage lets you use your iPad to watch every room in your house and control products by touching their images on your screen. Touch the image of a light in another part of the house and turn it on or off without leaving the room.

You can control your lighting systems with the SavantLighting app for the iPhone or iPod touch.

Savant Host Controller

The center of your home automation system is the Savant Host Controller, an OS X computer that communicates seamlessly with all of your remote devices, including remote controls, touch screens and keypads.

The Host Controller, an Apple Mac mini, uses Savant’s proprietary RacePoint Blueprint Software.

Control the lighting and climate in every room of your house with an Apple device. Save energy by ensuring that you donít have lights, heating or air conditioning turned on where you donít need them. SmartEnergy monitoring allows you to use your iPad to keep track of your energy consumption and costs.

A media dock lets you turn your iPhone or iPod touch into a media player. Load audio streams from a variety of sources in multiple formats and play them anywhere in your home. An iTunes-based media server lets you play, share and store music, TV shows and films.

Remote Home Control

With Savant and Apple, you can stay in control even when you’re far from home. Are you afraid that you forgot to turn off the lights or turn down the thermostat before you left the house? Use your iPhone or iPad touch to double check. If you’ve forgotten, you can put things right immediately.

Keep your home safe by programming lights to go on and off and blinds to open and close when you’re away. Your iPad, iPhone or iPad touch will tell you if someone enters or leaves your house while you’re gone. Make sure your children return home from school safely and on time. Use Savant’s Smartsystems to make sure that a disabled or elderly loved one is safe when you can’t be with them.

An Apple-based control system from Savant will make your life happier and easier.