Alarm Installation by KAV London

Your home is more than just the place where you eat and sleep. It’s where you store treasured items and where you and your loved ones find safety and comfort. An intrusion can mean more than just a loss of property; it can destroy your sense of security, so that even if your property is restored, your house no longer feels like home. At KAV London, we install CCTV security alarms to protect you from intrusion so you always feel safe.

Control Systems

Do you already have so much technology in your home that an alarm system seems like too much for you to think about? We can install an alarm system as part of a control system, or home automation system, which allows you to control your lighting, climate, entertainment and security systems with one device.

With a home automation system by Control4, Crestron or Savant, you can use one controller to turn on your alarms, security cameras and exterior floodlights, close your curtains and lock your doors when you go to bed. One touch of a button does all that while turning down the heating and turning off interior lights at the same time.

Integration with your home entertainment system means you can use your home theatre screen to view the footage from your CCTV cameras.

Are you frequently away from home? Our control systems work with Apple devices, included iPads, iPhones and iPod Touches, as well as Android smartphones, allowing you to operate your alarms system even when you’re at work or on holiday.

You can program your home automation system to turn your alarms and security floodlights off, unlock your doors, turn up the heating and turn on interior lights when your car pulls into the driveway.

Building Management Systems

We can integrate a building management system (BMS), which controls heating, ventilation and air conditioning, with your alarm system. You can program your BMS to turn down the heating when you turn your alarm on. The BMS knows that turning on your alarm means you are going to bed or leaving the house.

When your alarm is turned off, the thermostat goes back up so you can be comfortable.

This can provide you with substantial energy savings.


We have installed CCTV alarms, control systems and building management systems all over London and the UK.

Recently, we installed a Crestron control system in Mews House, Kensington. It included an alarm system interface and CCTV, along with lighting, TV, music and air conditioning controls.

KAV London can help you feel safe. Let us install your CCTV alarm system so you can have peace of mind.