Home Cinema Lighting

Lighting plays a crucial role in home theatre. The perfect entertainment experience requires quality home cinema lighting that removes you from your everyday cares, drawing you into the scene so you become totally immersed in your film or TV programme.

Imagine. You are sitting comfortably. With one touch of a button, the lights dim, the curtains drop, surround sound turns on and the film begins to play. You are lost in the moment. You never have to worry about being distracted by glare. You never have to leave your seat to make lighting adjustments, so your viewing remains uninterrupted. Once the room darkens, the outside world disappears.

Integrated Cinema Systems

At KAV London, we are home cinema and lighting control specialists. We have installed lighting systems all over the UK. With our integrated lighting and home cinema systems, you have complete control over lighting and media. Home automation systems allow you to adjust artificial lighting intensity and raise and lower curtains with the same interface you use for media control.

Usually, we recommend lighting by Crestron or Lutron.


Crestron, a leading provider of home automation systems, offers super-quiet, one-touch lighting controls that can be integrated with their home entertainment systems. Crestron lighting allows you to create just the right blend of artificial and natural light needed to enhance your entertainment experience.

Modular, scalable lighting systems let you adapt and upgrade your system as your needs change.

With a Crestron home automation system, you can control climate as well as lighting and media. Watch TV or a film in total comfort.


Lutron is a leader in residential and commercial lighting control. The company offers a wide variety of lighting solutions that provide ease, comfort and energy savings. Artificial lighting and shading systems allow you to control lighting and blinds so lighting is always at just the right level and glare is eliminated. Your home theatre will always be dim when it needs to be.

Lighting controls can be matched to your decor, adding elegance to your cinema room.

Artificial lighting products and remote-controlled blinds work seamlessly with each other. When integrated with your audiovisual system, they allow you to incorporate the highest quality lighting into your home cinema experience.

We use Lutron lighting systems with our Control4 home automation systems, which allow you to manage your entertainment, lighting, climate and security.

Good lighting is an essential for enjoyable home cinema. Contact us to find out how KAV London can create your perfect home cinema lighting.