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Home Cinema Sound Systems and Sound System Installations by KAV

If you would like to enjoy the quality of a cinema sound in the comfort of your own home, then you will definitely want to invest in a good surround sound system for your cinema/TV room.

Surround Sound

Multi-channel soundtracks are digitally encoded into multiple ‘channels’ of audio, each dedicated to specific tasks within the surround ‘soundfield’. In most instances, you’ll find audio channels dedicated to front, centre (dialogue) and surround signals, designed for replay through five speakers: two front, one centre and two rear.

These five channels are bolstered by a sixth dedicated solely to bass signals, known as a subwoofer.  Giving rise to the expression ‘5.1 surround sound’. In some soundtracks, additional surround channels of audio content have been encoded into the mix to add spaciousness to the sound: these are described as 6.1 or 7.1 soundtracks.

Cinema sound manufacturers we use and recommend

Depending on the project we would choose which manufacturer to use. Our preferred manufacturers for great cinema sound are Bowers & Wilkins, Classe, Linn, Leon speakers, and Artcoustic. While Bowers & Wilkins provide an excellent solution for separate speakers in home cinema surround sound, Artcoustic and Leon speakers make soundbars and speakers to measure, which provides a very sleek design while incorporating the speakers with a television.