Data Networking and Wi-Fi

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Data Networking and Wi-Fi


Data Networking Installation

We always hard wire out projects with data networking cable (cat 5 and cat 6) and sometimes add fibre cable as well on larger projects.  A hard wired data network will give our clients peace of mind that they have fast, reliable and secure data delivery in their homes.  Today, new televisions need good data connectivity as do Sky boxes, Apple TVs, and other content providing set top boxes.  We usually use Netgear professional data networking equipment on our projects.

Wi-Fi Installation from KAV

We usually install Wi-Fi on our projects, consisting of wireless access points distributed throughout a property that are hard wired into the data network.  This gives very reliable connectivity and also means that if one of the wireless access points (WAPs) crashes, breaks, gets disconnected/turned off the remaining WAPs will create an effective wireless mesh that the user should not experience too much inconvenience until we fix the problem.

Data Network and Wi-Fi System Security

We protect all of our data networks as well as we can.  Hard-wired networks are more secure than wireless which is why we would always recommend our clients carry out confidential work (bank transfers, commerce etc) on computers that are hard wired into the network.  We can also install firewalls, anti virus software etc for our clients as well through a third party computer support specialist company we use.

Considerations for High End Residential Houses and Apartments

A lot of our work is in central London where there are a lot of Wi-Fi networks in place all of the time, which can cause network conflicts.  Also, there are embassies and other government buildings that routinely carry out regular security sweeps that can knock out wireless connectivity for a short time in surrounding streets.  Finally there is the faraday cage effect which is the effect that building materials have on Wi-Fi signals, the worst culprit being foil backed plasterboard followed by large quantities of concrete and steel.  In order to get around these issues we can conduct a Wi-Fi survey in a property and as stated before, we would always hard wire a data network as well in order to give our clients the most reliable solution.

Our Preferred Brands

For data networking we mainly use Netgear professional and Cisco equipment.

Our Data Networking and Wi-Fi Installations in and around London

We have installed data networking solutions (both hard wired and Wi-Fi) all over London and the UK, including projects in Knightsbridge, Chelsea, Kensington, Mayfair, Notting Hill, South Kensington, Fulham, Regents Park, St Johns Wood and Home Counties including Surrey, Berkshire, Hampshire, Sussex and Buckinghamshire.