The saying a picture worth a thousand words is absolutely true when you are watching the Bang & Olufsen televisions.  The BeoVision by Bang & Olufsen is an amazing series of televisions that have great features built in to them, some of those features are exclusive and patented by the B&O brand.  These televisions are graceful, crafted with care and engineered to challenge your reality, they combine excellent technical performance with superb craftsmanship and are iconically beautiful as well as reliable.

The manufacturing of their TVs is absolutely immaculate, the highest quality glass is treated with an anti-reflection coating and a subtle dark tint to prevent unwanted interference from external light. Raw aluminium is anodised to preserve colour and strength.


Adaptive Image Contrast ensures optimum contrast by using algorithms that take the interactions between the eye and brain into account, enabling you to see minute details amidst the darkest scenes. While the Automatic Picture Control allows a built in sensor in BeoVision 11 and BeoVision 12 to take measurements of the full 360 degrees of light around the room. This nerve centre collects instant lighting data that allows the television to automatically adjusting colours, brightness, sharpness and contrast just like our brains adjust our eyes to the constant light changes. LCD backlighting is divided into segments, so individual areas of the screen can be dimmed, offering consistent contrast as well as energy savings. With these three features together you are guaranteed to have a great quality always clear picture.

For the best viewing experience of sports events or motion-packed movies Bang & Olufsen’s Adaptive Judder Cancellation allows seamless viewing with quadruple amount of frames per second by interpolating additional frames into the original source imagery and increasing playback speed in accordance with external lighting conditions that provide a naturally smooth viewing.

3D images are monitored constantly to ensure that they harmonise with room lighting. Contrast adjusts dynamically to accommodate for darkening caused by 3D imagery and 3D eyewear.

Colours are measured and adjusted automatically every 100 hours to ensure that the plasma’s colours do not fadeout.

BeoVision 11 with BeoLab14


BeoVison 11’s audio adapts to changes in media, so you can listen to a hushed conversation, a news story, a loud car chase or a music video, without straining to hear or being overpowered by sound.

The BeoVision 12 New Generation Smart TV has a unique flat screen design that makes it appear to be floating off the wall.  Its video engine continuously adapts to content, adding depth and warmth to movies and speeding up response times for gaming.

Stay connected

Stay connected with your other devices. Connect your BeoVison 11 and 12 to an Apple TV, Blu-ray player or game console.  The remote control that comes with the BeoVision 11 & BeoVision 12 is the Beo 4, this remote can control virtually all your external devices – from your Blu-ray, to your Apple TV.  Or you can use the Bang & Olufsen remote app to turn your iPad or Android tablet into a remote.

Surround Sound

Bang & Olufsen’s surround sound epitomises the acoustic excellence found in all their audio products. That delivers up to 12 audio channels using Bang & Olufsen’s TrueImage™ processor.  TrueImage technology dynamically handles up and down-mixing of audio signals to match the number of audio channels in the incoming signal with the available loudspeakers, yielding audio performance unparalleled by any other television.

Surround sound engineering is dedicated to preserving synergy between sound and vision, so you can immerse yourself completely in a programme, film or game. Engineers calibrate and fine-tunes all components to ensure constant power and clarity throughout the room.

Enjoy perfect quality sound wherever you are seated, with acoustic lens based speakers that allow sound to spread out in a 180 degree horizontal arc. TrueImage up and down mixing optimises audio distribution for your speaker setup. Bass management intelligently distributes low bass frequencies.

BeoLab Family

Come to our Bang & Olufsen Chelsea shop for a visual experience that will surpass anything you can imagine. We have installed Bang & Olufsen solutions all over London and the UK including projects in Knightsbridge, Chelsea, Kensington, Mayfair, Notting Hill, South Kensington, Fulham, Regents Park, St Johns Wood and Home Counties including Surrey, Berkshire, Hampshire, Sussex and Buckinghamshire.