Technical Information on Aerial & Satellite Systems

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Technical Information on Aerial & Satellite Systems


IRS Installation – Integrated Receiver System Installation in London

An IRS installation allows the client to use terrestrial satellite and FM services independently at any given outlet around the property.  The system comprises of a discreet combined terrestrial array and satellite dish supplying a distribution system that feeds the property with independent terrestrial and satellite.

Foreign Satellite System Installation

With more and more families moving to London from abroad we are able to provide systems that will allow the viewing of Russian, Arabic, Italian, Spanish, French and Greek speaking countries.  These foreign systems provide free-to-air and contract only programs from satellites such as Hotbird, Arabsat, Nilesat and Hispasat with the availability of HD quality on many channels.

Multi-Satellite Systems

High end multilingual homes require multiple satellites to be fed around the property, typically 2 to 3 satellites consisting of Sky and the foreign satellites.  This system can be included in an IRS system providing an extremely versatile service for the client.

Fibre Optic

Fibre Optic Systems are quickly becoming a requirement for renovations and green builds.  Previously Fibre Optic Systems would be used mainly for installations where aerials or dishes  cannot be installed on the same building as the televisions are being viewed in for various reasons such as grade listed buildings or outbuildings further away from the main property. These days a fibre system can reduce the running costs for owners of large properties due to minimal power requirements. Installation time on these large systems is greatly reduced and reliability increased.

Planned Maintenance

As with any equipment that is subject to weather conditions and under power on a constant daily basis there will be wear and tear. A well planned maintenance schedule will ensure that timed checks are put in place to test the condition of the system, preventing any unexpected situations leaving the client without service. On larger scale systems such as apartment buildings where existing equipment is getting old and becoming more unreliable it is important that it is correctly maintained or upgraded accordingly. Reliable service and correct advice makes for a planned maintenance contract that ensures the client has a care free system for the future. Systems from standard multiswitch to full cascade systems are catered for and maintainable.

Domestic Commercial & Communal

Last year with the Royal Wedding and the Olympics it proved to businesses that by installing a point of viewing for employees you get a greater attendance rate when large public events are on. Be it in an office or a shop a television system can provide coverage of breaking news, sporting events, and occasions of national interest. With the capability to install various types of systems under multiple conditions the client is guaranteed to receive a working and reliable installation.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]