OLED Technology – The future of screens?

OLED is still an emerging technology in the commercial world, first appearing in 2013 and being slowly driven by the television industry. 2015 however, has seen the first development of screens at a competitive size and more reasonable prices. OLED is set to potentially take on the latest in television innovation from 3D to 4K Ultra HD.


What is OLED?

Standing for Organic Light-Emitting Diode, this technology passes an electrical current through an organic-based film which results in light. This means that OLED pixels emit their own light as opposed to an LCD television which requires a backlight.

The two company’s leading the way in OLED development are Samsung and LG. Samsung released their first OLED TV back in 2013, however LG have recently done something a little different with the technology. The OLED TV from LG uses a WRGB (white, red, green, blue) pixel structure which adds white to the traditional RGB used by Samsung. It is claimed this results in a brighter image with more accurate colours.

What are the benefits of OLED?

Lighter and Thinner
– Without the need for the backlight, the OLED screens can be as thin as 0.97mm! Same goes for the weight, with the LG 55 inch coming in at just 1.9kg.

Image Quality
– The viewing angle of OLED screens is much wider than traditional screens due to the way OLED pixels emit their own light. This means the colour and contrast of the screen is as good from up to a 90 degree angle as it would be from straight on.

Screen Capability
– The way OLED pixels are powered means each one can be on or off independently of the others. This means OLED technology can reach unprecedented heights in delivering absolute black and a high contrast image. With LG’s recent inclusion of WRGB, these screens can also be brighter as well as faster to respond to the input which drastically reduces motion blur.


What next?

As OLED technology becomes increasingly cheaper and more accessible, we are likely to see many more of these screens emerging. Contact KAV for details on how we can provide the optimum TV or cinema experience for your home.