Modern Smart Homes

The smart home technology industry has seen dramatic change in the past few years. As the idea of smart homes begins to mature and people get more used to technology in the homes, we have seen a shift towards useful integration that truly compliments people’s lifestyles, over the gimmicks and toys. This most commonly applies to lighting, automated blinds & curtains, integrated television & audio systems, and home security systems. One feature they all have in common is they are almost completely invisible, working for your lifestyle but not invading your space or design.

Central control systems allow you to operate your lights and blinds from any keypad, remote or app. Connected systems give you the same control through the internet to control your systems when you’re out the house, or even abroad. An internet connection can also gives you timed control over many smart home functions. For example, at dusk your automated blinds close and your outside decorative lighting comes on.

Smart Homes & Interior Design

Lighting designers are particularly fond of advanced but simplistic lighting control. With pre-set lighting scenes, you can set a whole range of circuits to the right levels in seconds with a simple command or press of a button. A wall keypad with 5 buttons is often a stylish way to give you full flexibility over the lighting in any room, giving you 4 lighting scenes and an off button.

Our sister company Chelsea Creek Interior Design Studio specialises in modern interior design with an understanding of technology. Discrete lighting control, automated television lifts, in ceiling speakers and integrated LED lighting in shelving and ceilings are just some of the ways your interior can be enhanced with technology. Our joint technology and interiors showroom shows off many of these technologies as well as home furniture and materials from various brands. Book an appointment with an audio visual consultant or an interior designer working with the latest trends in interior design from stylish antique furniture to realistic artificial plants.

Smart Home Security

There are an increasing number of ways technology is used for security in the home, from door entry stations and CCTV to advanced alarm systems and occupancy modes when you’re away. Digital entry platforms allow you to see and communicate with someone who is at your door, whether you are inside the property or not.

Occupancy modes, sometimes called moccupancy, holiday or away mode can be activated when you want your property to appear inhabited, even though you’re away. This works by using the brains of your control system to record the normal actions you take while living in the house, such as operating lights and blinds. These actions are then played back, giving your property the simple but effective appearance there are people inside.

We also work closely with Kensington Security Doors & Windows who specialise in physical security. Their doors and windows are capable of integrating with our electronic security systems, so for example you can be notified if setting the alarm and a window has been left open.

Energy Saving Smart Homes

Energy saving has been a growing concern in every industry on the planet. Advancing technologies and growing energy consumption has played a large role in this. Increased awareness however, has been reflected in how we use smart home technology. Occupancy sensors can be programmed to switch off lights and control the heating when no one is home. This also works well in commercial settings where large areas of office blocks or warehouses may be unused but using high energy consumption bulbs.

Building & Development Projects

The integration of smart technology into your home can be very simple, like swapping out old halogen bulbs for hub connected LED bulbs. However, larger integrated systems can be much more complicated and require cabling throughout the property. For this reason we often get involved as audio visual consultants early in new construction projects and oversee the technology throughout construction. Our control systems are then commissioned and programmed once the property is finished and the control systems are fully integrated. Another company we work closely with is Chelsea Planning & Design. They specialise in planning permission applications and architectural design services.