Lutron Upgrades its Smart Home System

The system, named Caséta, is now compatible with a larger range of smart devices, including Apple’s long awaited smart watch.

Smart home automation just became even more accessible, with the launch of Lutron’s Smart Bridge and Smart Bridge Pro. The product is designed to increase the integration capabilities of the Caséta Wireless Smart Home Solution, which is already providing efficient automation for houses around the globe. The adaptor will make the control of lighting, blinds and third party systems seamless, incorporating more devices into the Lutron family.

New Features

The Smart Bridge fits directly into any wireless router, using Lutron’s Clear Connect Wireless technology to send radio signals to all Caséta and Lutron compatible devices in the home. These include the Caséta Wireless in-wall dimmer switches and Serena Shades, which can now be automated using a timeclock to streamline their use. The feature allows you to synchronise your blinds to shut and your lights to turn on at certain times of day. For example, you could instruct your Smart Bridge to close your blinds half an hour before sunset, with the porch light activating at the same moment. This would make your arrival home from work an effortless affair.

Smart Bridge Pro will bring increased focus to a home’s security system. Syncing with an app from Alarm.Com, the Smart Bridge can use any automated blinds or lights as a means of drawing attention to any potential intrusions.

What Will Caséta Now be Compatible With?

Lutron’s other innovation was to construct a product that supports a wider spectrum of smart tech devices. With Apple announcing the launch of the Apple Watch later this year, the company have decided to configure their Smart Bridge accordingly. Since the Lutron App was already available on all IOS and Android devices, it always seemed inevitable that they would decide to make the Apple Watch a compatible entity too. For homeowners who want to assure their home is secure, this is a simple way of achieving their aims. If a light or window linked to the Caséta system is left on or open, the Smart Bridge will be able to send this information straight to the wrist of the resident.

Asides from the improved integration with Apple, Caseta will also be compatible with The Nest Learning Thermostat. This will make adjusting your heating settings as simple as checking a text message, since the Lutron app allows you to control the system from your phone. Whether your home or away, the Smart Bridge will help you tailor your household to exactly the way you want it.

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