Kensington Audio Visual


Kensington Audio Visual Ltd. is now operating under the new name, Knightsbridge Audio Visual Ltd. Knightsbridge Audio Visual Ltd. is the same company with the same company number and the same VAT number. We are continuing with all existing projects and carrying forward all warranties and liabilities from Kensington AV to Knightsbridge AV.

We are re-branding as a result of an amicable agreement with Malcolm Stewart’s former business partners as well as a move to better represent the current and future nature of our work.

Knightsbridge Audio Visual Ltd. will be trading as KAV London Ltd. where the abbreviation for Knightsbridge Audio Visual is KAV. This is in keeping with the sister companies KAV Lagos, KAV Consultancy and KAV International. This allows each company to focus on their respective projects as part of the KSera Group Limited which is owned by Malcolm Stewart.

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