How Safe is Your Home from Break-Ins?

There are many things in life worth taking chances on, but the safety of your home and your family is one thing that you should never put at risk.

In July and August many people leave their homes vacant for the summer holidays, making them easier targets for burglars. Home automation is the smart way to improve your home security and prevent break-ins, even when you’re not around.

Studies show time and time again that the majority of burglars are opportunists who aim for homes with easy access. By installing proper security features, you make your home six times less likely to be broken into.

A home security system, or smart home, will protect your house while you are away. You can manage, monitor and customise a Smart Home from a distance with a single mobile device.

Alarm System

Your alarm system should give you peace of mind. Conventional systems drain your time and energy by requiring constant management. But your alarm system can be, and should be, part of your home control system. Lighting, entertainment and security all easily controlled with one device.

Turn on your alarms, CCTV or floodlights remotely, whether you are at work or on holiday. Use an integrated entertainment system to watch CCTV footage on your home theater. A smart home can detect intruders with passive infrared sensors, or window sensors, and relay the information to you by phone call, email or text message.

A smart home recognises when you are pulling into the driveway, and knows to turn your heating on. A Building Management System knows that when you leave the house, or go to bed, you want the security system online, but the heating turned off.

It is also possible to set up motion sensors which trigger when there’s a disturbance at certain times. If you are not expecting anyone to approach your house between 1:00am and 5:00am, or during the workday while you’re at the office, you can have your security settings activated.

Security Doors and Door Entry Systems

We may keep our windows locked, but 73% of burglars come in through the door. That’s why one of the most important precautions you can take with your home is the installation of a security door. We work with Kensington Security Doors & Windows (KSDW) who supply beautiful bespoke doors that not only match European security testing ENV 1627, but are also made in compliance with local planning for listed buildings and conservation areas.

A Video Door Entry System and a Voice Only Door Entry System can be installed either as standalone features, or seamlessly integrated into the rest of your home automation system.

A buzzer, mounted at your front gates, front door or any other home access points, will be connected to the handsets or mobiles in your home. Check through your smartphone to see who’s approaching, and disable the alarm if you recognise them.

Security Windows

Security windows are easy for you to operate, but extremely difficult to break into. Built with whatever balance of security and aesthetics suits your needs, our windows effortlessly combine form and function.

Having an automated home means that you can remotely check whether or not your blinds are closed, and if they’re not then you can close them. Burglaries increase in warmer months as many people leave the window open, so the use of door and window contacts assist you in monitoring suspicious activity.

Bespoke Safe Installation

No home is totally secure from break-ins. However, a high end safe means that your valuables will be protected until the police arrive.

We work with two high-quality manufacturers, Dottling and Robur, to install safes that meet your security needs. The security rating of safes is determined by insurers, and the most common system EN1143-1. Grade I safes cover at least £10,000 in cash, whereas Grade V safes can cover £1,000,000 in jewellery. Safes are most secure when used in conjunction with a monitored alarm system.

If you have any questions about high-end home security, our team will be happy to speak with you.