How Home Automation has Revolutionised Home Entertainment

There are many reasons to invest in home automation, but that look on your guest’s face when ceiling integrated speakers start playing their favourite song is one of the best.

Entertaining old friends or new clients is a fine art. Smart home technology gives you total control over the home environment, ensuring that everything from discrete get-togethers to more rambunctious parties go to plan.

high end sound system installation londonYou can’t have a party without a High-End Sound System…

High-fidelity audio is the difference between a great party and an unforgettable one. Ceiling integrated speakers give excellent acoustics due to their overhead positioning. They also mean that you have more space for your guests and that you don’t have to worry about drinks being spilled anywhere near your state of the art sound system.

What’s more, multi-room hi-fi systems can play the same song at the same time in every room of the house, so that your guests experience perfect continuity in their listening as they move from one room to the next. You can also choose to play a different song in each room according to mood. Our user-interface is so intuitive that anyone at your party will be able to choose the next song.


automated temperature control londonHandle the Heat

The more bodies in a room the hotter it is going to get, but of course you want your guests feeling cool not cooked. Smart home technology gives you ultimate control over your heating, allowing you to adjust the temperature easily and keep your guests comfortable. It’s also possible to have your air conditioner connected to your control system, so a cool breeze is available at the touch of a button should you notice anyone looking too flustered.



mood lighting installation london

Mood Lighting sets the Tone for a Party

Anyone who has visited a high-end bar knows that lighting is essential when it comes to creating atmosphere. Dim lighting can create a feeling of intimacy between guests, flashing lights encourage dancing and movement, and harsh lights at the end of the night can be a signal that it’s time to go home. With smart home technology and lighting control you don’t have to traipse around the house moving guests aside to turn the lights on and off. Instead you have complete control of the lighting system from one remote device,  whether it’s your smartphone or your table.

Whether you’re planning the party of the century or you just want to catch up with a few of your oldest friends, entertain in style and comfort with an automated home.