How do Burglars Decide Which Houses to Target?

The vast majority of burglars are looking for an easy target. Here’s how home automation can secure your home by convincing burglars to go elsewhere.

Unlocked doors, an empty home, open windows and not a security system in sight – all of these things may as well be a welcome mat to criminals eager to make some easy money. Smart homes are extremely effective at deterring burglars from breaking-in because they give out a clear message that the homeowner has put a lot of thought into securing their home.

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First Impressions, First Line of Defense

What is a burglar thinking when he first sees your home? At first glance, does it look like a property that is serious about security? The best way to beef up security at a glance is by investing in a security door. A security door is built to withstand attack, passes stringent European Testing ENV 1627 and comes with sixty minutes of fire protection. It’s also the first thing that a would-be burglar sees when he looks at your property, and it tells him straight away that he’s not going to have an easy time.


Is Anyone Home?

The next thing that an intruder is looking for is signs of life. If the place appears obviously unoccupied, he might stick around and investigate further. If it looks like someone might be inside, he’ll probably clear off to avoid attracting suspicion. Smart home technology is an excellent way to suggest a busy home – even if there’s no one around. Your lighting can be programmed so that it turns on and off at set times making it look as though someone is walking through the house turning the light on. Even the blinds and sound systems can be automated, further adding to the impression of occupancy in an empty home.


 Could an Intruder Approach the House Undetected?

A burglar wants to get in and out of a property unseen. A dark front garden or a side alley with easy access to the back garden might just provide the cover he needs to sneak in undetected. There are two ways to fix this. Firstly, an automated lighting system. This activates when it senses motion close to the house. You can also add an alarm that triggers when somebody approaches at an unusual hour, perhaps late at night or very early in the morning. Another device that makes a burglar think twice? A CCTV security alarm. This is the last thing that an intruder wants to see. They can be integrated into your overall control system, meaning that you can remotely monitor your property from one easy to use device.


 Did I Leave the Windows Unlocked?

Burglars are opportunists, and an unlocked window is a temptation that many can’t resist. There’s even a small spike of break-ins in June, as more windows are left open due to the warmer weather. That sensation of having left the home unsecure is one that all homeowners are familiar with. It can be hard to concentrate on work with the sneaking suspicion that you’ve left your home vulnerable. Fortunately, an automated home has a solution to this problem. You can remotely check whether your windows or garage doors are open and unlocked, and if there is a problem, you can close them and lock them at the touch of a button.

Keeping your home and your family safe is a top priority and a great reason to invest in home automation. Upgrading your home security will give you peace of mind whilst causing burglars to think twice and go elsewhere.

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