How Home Technology Can Give You a Stress-Free Trip


Over one-third of business travellers report feeling more stressed than normal during work trips, according to a survey by On Call International. It is safe to assume that this work-related stress is partly because of concern for the safety of the home. How can advanced home monitory technologies and the Internet of Things (IoT) help reduce stress while on work-related travels? Fortunately, the tech sector and IoT have introduced several key innovations that can make your next work trip a stress-free breeze.

Staying in Touch With Your Home and Loved Ones

The reasons why people get stressed when away from home differ, and there is no single strategy that can solve everyone’s issues. However, there is a group of factors which many business travellers point to as major contributors to stress. Being physically disconnected from home is cited as one of the most stressful parts of business travel. Dealing with this issue requires a holistic approach to stress reduction. One of the most obvious ways to bridge the distance is by scheduling time regularly to catch up with friends and family, but this physical disconnection is not limited to relationships.

In fact, the security of one’s home ranks highly in the list of things weighing on a person’s mind when travelling. The safety of people or pets left at home can also contribute to travelling anxiety. Fortunately, there are a number of innovations in the IoT that can be utilised at home to augment safety when you are away. Using devices like IoT-enabled security alarms, cameras, and smoke detectors can help you to monitor and control your home’s security systems no matter where your business trip takes you.

A System to Take Care of Plants

Plant lovers who have plants at home will naturally worry about how their plants will fare when they are away for work. A number of IoT-based technologies have been developed to monitor and take care of plants when you’re out of town. Smart irrigation controllers can be installed to water plants at the right time and using the right amount of water. There are also high-tech lighting systems that can provide the right amount of UV light to keep indoor plants thriving while you’re away. These types of systems can be fully monitored and controlled over the internet using IoT, allowing you to care for your plants from anywhere in the world.

Keeping Your Pets Happy

Most pet lovers have probably encountered the moment when they realise that other people dealing with their pet(s) do not have as much compassion for the pet as their owner. Leaving your pet at the mercy of an uncaring person would probably add to the stress of any pet owner who’s away from home. The IoT can be used to mitigate some of the anxieties related to pet care. Already, a number of pet wearable devices are on the market, making the pet wearable industry worth almost $2 billion. Using pet wearables and utilising a mix of cameras and motion sensors allows you to effectively monitor your pets over the internet. This can help pet owners have peace of mind when away from home. Additionally, certain companies are experimenting with IoT-based pet feeding systems that intend to take the guesswork out of meal time.

Being away from home for work can be a stressful experience for a number of reasons. The physical distance between the traveller and their home is a major cause of stress. But by monitoring and controlling the home’s security systems, plants, and pets over the internet, householders can mitigate some of the stress that comes with travelling.