Home Automation Meets Wearable Tech

Do you like technology so much that you want to carry it around with you everywhere you go? Wearable tech manufacturers are keen to turn this fantasy into reality.

There was a time when wearing technology on your person was still the subject of science-fiction movies, or something sported by James Bond. Today a wristwatch that can double as a fitness tracker and also allow you to remotely control your home is something you don’t need to dream about anymore.

The latest developments in wearable tech enable you to track your fitness or be more productive

wearable home control technology

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For those of you unfamiliar with wearable technology, the most popular devices tend to be focused around two key areas: fitness/health and productivity. Gadgets that help people to monitor their heart rate, blood pressure, step count and even calorie intake are on trend to be enormously popular in 2015.

Businesses and individuals alike are also interested in becoming more productive, and some wearable tech developers are hoping to provide the answers with their latest devices. This wristwatch that tracks the activity levels of your workers is one intriguing, if slightly unsavoury example.

However, the next level in wearable technology is poised to do more than track numbers. With the latest developments in wearable technology we should be able to power up our smart homes.

apple wearable home tech

Photo Credits: www.slashgear.com

Increasing home security and comfort

Have you ever watched Harry Potter or Star Trek and wished that you too could control your environment with a wave of your hand? Thanks to new technology, it is possible to turn the lights on or off, or make them stronger or dimmer simply by moving your arm or finger. If you want to watch some TV, all you have to do is gesture. If you are wearing the appropriate accessory, you can also ensure that your doors and windows are locked, without getting up to check, so that you can go to bed worry-free.

Homes of the future are within our reach

As developers and manufacturers continue to explore appliances and devices that can be controlled from afar, we move closer to making our homes a little more magical. By combining wearable technology and smart home technology, it is easy to envision a more productive and more convenient home. However, for the industry to succeed on the mass-market, it will be important that manufacturers produce devices that are compatible with the products of their competitors. Until that happens, there is little convenience to controlling your light bulbs with one device and your television from another.

It’s also important that wearable technology not only works, but also looks good – as wearable technology is where tech meets fashion. One of the major reasons that the current generation of smart watches have had only limited success is that many of them look terrible, meaning that users don’t feel comfortable wearing them all the time. To solve this particular problem, manufacturers have created smart rings, smart bracelets and also smart glasses, yet I think it’s fair to say that no one has landed on a winning formula just yet – though the Apple Watch, which is confirmed for an April release, might well change all that.

Does the ability to control your home by speaking to your watch appeal to you? Contact us to find out how to make it happen.