Everything You Need to Know About Centralised TV Distribution

Centralised TV Distribution is the fully integrated alternative to the traditional Sky multiscreen model.

satellite tv installation londonTelevisions are getting better by every possible measure. Bang & Olufsen, Panasonic and Samsung are all offering higher quality picture and thinner screens at lower prices. We now have more control over our viewing than ever before, with Sky, Amazon Prime, BBC iPlayer and Apple TV all providing different ways for us to access quality content.

Having invested in new televisions and media players, we all want to watch high quality content in multiple rooms, but purchasing multiple boxes and managing multiple subscriptions is both messy and time consuming.

Centralised TV Distribution is the luxury solution to your problem.

Why choose Centralised TV Distribution rather than Localised TV Distribution?

Centralised TV distribution means having all of your television sources, such as Sky Boxes, Apple TVs, and whatever other source you own, stored in your AV rack. The content is sent directly to any of your television screens in any room of your property in high definition. This will be managed by a home control system, Control4, Crestron and Savant are the most popular choices.

For the homeowner that values design but doesn’t want to compromise on their film and television experience, centralised TV distribution is the best option. No boxes, no clutter, no hassle, only a sleek television screen mounted on the wall, and whatever you want to watch at any time.

You can watch any programme that you have recorded on any of your boxes from any TV in the property. If there is a problem with Sky and one of their boxes crash, no problem, you can watch programmes from a different source on the same TV. It also requires fewer monthly subscriptions to manage, as you will need less satellite set top boxes than before.

Localised TV distribution is the more economical option, familiar to those with Sky Multiscreen. Whilst it works very well, it does not offer the same conveniences or qualities as centralised TV distribution.

KAV London have installed many TV distribution systems both centralised and localised all over London and the UK. We are also experienced at installing aerial systems in the Fulham area, and foreign satellite systems across the London area.