Crestron Lighting Control

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Crestron has a complete range of sophisticated wired and wireless lighting products.

This company excels when it comes to one-of-a-kind solutions or meeting unique requirements. Our programmers are highly experienced when it comes to Crestron installations and can meet exact specifications every time.

Crestron can redefine lighting in your home. Crestron products allow control, comfort and convenience in lighting on a scale that is unprecedented. Choose the brightness, or even the colour, of every individual bulb in your home, to reduce your energy bills and prolong the lifetime of your bulb. Adjust the lighting in your home remotely from the comfort of your iPhone, iPad or Android device. Enjoy the convenience of pre-set ‘scenes,’ which can gradually wake you in the morning, set the mood for entertaining, or turn the lights out across the entire building with just the push of a button.

Crestron Lighting Control can Improve your Home Security

Whether your priorities lie in security, energy management or the pursuit of increased productivity, there’s a Crestron lighting control solution out there that fits the bill. Crestron take lighting control a step further than most by also offering a range of motorised shades and blinds. These can also be easily operated and allow quiet, convenient and comfortable access to natural light in your home.

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