Control System Installation and the Future of the Home

Millions of households across London and the UK are being upgraded with high-end control systems and cutting-edge home automation technology.

We take a look at the question: Which everyday household items won’t be necessary anymore thanks to smart home improvements?

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Intelligent Heating will Replace Thermostats

A dial on the wall thermostat offers much less in terms of control and convenience, when compared to an intelligent heating system.

An intelligent heating system can be automated, meaning that it turns itself off when you leave for work in the morning and on again when you return from the office. This saves you both money and time. They can also be zoned, which allows different rooms to be kept at different temperatures. An intelligent heating system can be controlled from your smartphone, which can also track your usage and billing information.

Integrated Security Alarm Systems will Replace Traditional Burglar Alarms

The beauty of an integrated security system is that it makes the most of the technology already in your home. Your lights can be set up to turn on and off if an intruder approaches at an unexpected hour. Your sound system can be rigged to play music loudly, acting as an alarm if something suspicious occurs. Your phone can be rigged to automatically call the police and play a pre-recorded message in an emergency, ensuring that you get the fastest possible back up.

The other benefit of an automated system is that unlike traditional alarms it requires little to no maintenance. You set it up to your exact needs, then you don’t have to think about it anymore. An automated system gives you peace of mind. The traditional alarm system has worked well up until now, but it will soon be a thing of the past.

Integrated Lighting Systems will Replace Light Switches

Light switches offer extremely limited functionality compared to integrated lighting systems. The on/off light switch mounted on the wall will soon be used for emergencies only.

An integrated lighting system allows you to control the brightness of a room, which not only offers you a range of atmospheres to suit your mood, but it also makes light bulbs last longer and save on energy. You can automate your lights to turn off or on at specific times, and control them all remotely from your smartphone. You can turn all the lights in your house off from your smartphone, so that you don’t have to walk all the way around the house to make sure that the kids have turned them off before bed.

Remote Controls will be Replaced by Smartphone Apps

Home automation has made remote controls unnecessary. With multiple TVs as well as a remote control for each set top box, DVD player and hi-fi, a cluttered table full of remote controls isn’t exactly making our lives any easier. Learning how to use each remote control, which one does what, replacing batteries – all of that will soon be a thing of the past.

At KAV London, we install high-end home cinema systems that work in multiple rooms and can be easily operated from just one place: your smartphone. Your home-cinema room will have cutting edge audio visuals, but using TV distribution we can route the sources so that you can watch or listen to anything you want in any room in your property.

Make your home more streamlined by choosing smarter technology with KAV London.