Car Audio

Since 2005, when Bang & Olufsen built their first car audio system for the Audi A8, they’ve incorporated the same elegance and advanced technology in their car sound systems as they do in their home sound systems, so you can experience iconic design and exceptional sound quality on the road as well as at home.

Today, Bang & Olufsen manufactures audio systems for Audi, Aston Martin, BMW and AMG. Believing that audio technology should advance as rapidly as that of the car itself, they strive for perfection in sound and style. One of the world’s leading loudspeaker manufacturers, Bang & Olufsen’s car audio design incorporates almost 100 years of experience in creating high quality sound systems.

Custom-built car audio systems complement your car’s interior. Acoustic designers involve themselves in all stages of the car’s development, to ensure seamless integration. Elegant craftsmanship visible on every surface is evidence of your discernment.

Retain the Passion

Bang & Olufsen is dedicated to providing near-perfect music reproduction, retaining the purity, passion and detail of the artist.

ICE power amplification increases efficiency for more faithful reproduction, while saving space and decreasing power consumption. Sound levels readjust constantly to compensate for noise both inside and outside the car, so you continue to experience maximum enjoyment from your music, no matter where you are or how fast you are going.

Maintain your privacy with loudspeakers that are mounted and moulded in sealed cabinets to prevent sound leakage. With a Bang & Olufsen car audio system everyone in your car can experience the full depth and quality of the original musical work. Acoustic lens technology disperses sound from the speaker in a 180 degree arc, maximising the ‘sweet spot’. TrueImage, Advanced Digital Image Processing distributes music evenly to each speaker.


Sensitive equipment that checks power, frequency and direction is used for objective testing of speakers. Perceptual testing is performed by acousticians and by a panel of experts with extraordinarily sensitive hearing.


Bang & Olufsen’s car audio systems have received numerous accolades.

In 2008, Autofocus, the high-end luxury car magazine, selected the BeoSound DBS system for the Aston Martin DBS as group test winner.

Noble Sounds, a special issue of the test and technology magazine Stereoplay, rated Bang & Olufsen sound systems in the Mercedes SLS AMG and Audi A8 among the top car Hi-Fi systems in the world.

Motor und Sport readers voted Bang & Olufsen as the best car Hi-Fi brand in 2012, the fourth time since its introduction.