A speaker company that prides itself on the unique qualities of its products, Triad opens up a whole world of customisation for your sound system.

When you need a speaker to come in exactly the right shape, size or style, few other companies are better positioned to handle your needs.

Triad speakers are still handcrafted in the United States, meaning each one is built with the latest technology for a specific customer. You won’t find Triad products gathering dust in a warehouse. Triad’s customisation options are close to limitless, right down to a custom finish. If you have a particular design in mind, maybe something to match your style or business, you can send it along to Triad and they’ll get it on your speakers.

Another reason that Triad are worth working with is their commitment to clutter-free speakers. Even if you want your speakers freestanding, Triad will ensure that they use the minimal possible amount of wiring and extras to keep your system looking sleek.

As you might expect from a company with a commitment to satisfaction, Triad speakers can be position anyway you want them. Triad started producing unobtrusive ceiling speakers years ago and each one of their speakers comes in InWall, OnWall or InRoom versions. If you need more than unobtrusive, then Triad’s invisible speakers are an incredible solution. Hidden behind a layer painted drywall mud and painted, Triad’s invisible speakers are perfect for a formal occasion.

We do all kinds of bespoke home audio design and installation using high end brands like Triad. For info, call us at 020 7736 1483 or visit this Page for appointment scheduling.