Savant Installation London

KAV London offers London residents home cinema, music, communications, security and lighting and climate control from Savant, a leader in home automation.

Homes around London benefit from the ease and convenience offered by a Savant control system. Savant is the only provider of home automation systems that uses a completely-Apple based platform. You can use your Apple Mac, iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to control everything in your home.

Savant and Home Entertainment

For the ultimate entertainment experience, watch your favourite film or TV show in high definition. Surround sound lets you immerse yourself in the excitement. In your private home theatre, you can use your Apple device to play your movie as well as maintain the perfect lighting and climate conditions. You can stream online content from YouTube and Hulu. Get news and sports scores and check on your security cameras without interrupting your program.

Store, play and share music from multiple formats and sources by inserting your iPhone or iPad into a Savant Media Dock.

All of your TV shows, movies and music can be stored on an iTunes-based digital media server and played anywhere in the house.


Many of our clients require lighting that is easy to control, safe and energy efficient. With Savant, you have complete control. Program your lights to turn on when someone enters a room and turn off when someone leaves. With just one click, turn off interior lights and turn on exterior floodlights when you go to bed. Security lights can turn on automatically when the sun goes down. For safety, you can program your lights to turn on and off when you are away. Use your iPhone or iPod touch to control your lighting when youíre far from home.


Save energy by ensuring that every room is heated to just the right temperature. Savant lets you use one controller to adjust the temperature in each room of your house. For maximum energy efficiency, program blinds in each room to open and close at just the right times to get the most of out of the energy from the Sun.

You can use your Apple device to control climate when youíre at work or on holiday. Schedule your homeís thermostat to adjust automatically according to the time of day or the month of the year. Monitor the temperature in every room when you are away.


Safety is important to everyone who lives in London. With Savant and KAV London, you can ensure your home is always safe, no matter where you are. Keep your house secure with one touch of a button; that’s all you need to do to turn off all your interior lights, close your curtains, lock your doors and turn on security cameras and external floodlights.

Use your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch to tell you if someone has entered or exited your home when you are away. Get notified instantaneously when your children arrive home from school.

Savant entertainment and home automation systems from KAV London mean we are the premier choice for Savant Installation in London.