Control4 and Apple iOS

Home Automation Systems from Control4

A home automation system, or control system, lets you operate all the appliances in your home using only one device, such as a touchscreen or remote control. With a control system, you can control your TV, music, lighting, heating, air conditioning, alarms and security doors without travelling from room to room.

Control4 Installers in London

KAV London is an Authorised Platinum Dealer for Control4, one of the most respected companies in the field of home automation. Known for the reliability and affordability of its products, the company offers consumers efficiency, comfort, convenience and safety.

With Control4, you can manage your entertainment, lighting, HVAC and security systems with a wall or portable touchscreen. In addition, because Control4 has integrated its automation system with Apple iOS, you have the option of using your iPhone or iPad to access the Control4 interface.

Control4 iOS App

We can provide you with a MyHome License that allows you to download Control4’s My Home app. With MyHome, you get the Control4 interface on your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch, so you can manage all your systems no matter where you are. When you’re home, a connection to a local Wi-Fi network lets you use your Apple device to operate all of your electronics from any room in the house.

iPhone Home Control

If you’re away, an optional 4Sight subscription will allow you to connect to your control system using a 3G/4G cellular Wi-Fi service, so you can make sure that the lights are on, the heating is up and the TV is tuned to your favourite program before you get back home. 4Sight lets you view your home cameras when you’re out and about, so you can have peace of mind knowing that your home is secure.

Have you ever left the house and then wondered if you left the taps on? 4Sight can provide you with Alerts on the Go to keep you informed about the status of your system. If there’s a leak or if you’ve left the garage door open, Control4 will send an alert. You never have to worry.

Of course, Control4 ensures that your connection to your home is secure and hack-proof. It uses the same security protocols and encryption measures that financial institution use.

Apple iOS integration lets experience the pleasures of home while you’re away. Browse your movie collection or your music library, or take advantage of your ability to access any of the millions of tracks available from Rhapsody.

Control4 and Apple work together to entertain you at home. Your Control4 interface, when connected with a sleek, elegant Control 4 Dock for iPod, allows you to access your entire music library from any room in your home. Enjoy movies and music from iTunes. You can listen to music from your iPod, a hard drive or a music streaming service, and you can create and share custom playlists.

KAV London can help you integrate your Control4 system with your Apple devices, letting you get the best out of home automation, whether youíre at home or away. We’re one the top Control4 Installers in London and have a multi-lingual team ready to assist you.