Bang & Olufsen Installation in London

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Bang & Olufsen Installation in London

Bang & Olufsen founded in Denmark in 1925, prides itself on designing exclusive products that combine technological excellence with a distinctive modern look.

B&O Televisions

Elegant, streamlined plasma TVs by B&O not only enhance the appearance of your home, they utilise advanced technologies to revolutionise the way you watch TV.

Automatic Picture Control continually adjusts colour, sharpness and contrast to harmonise with the lighting conditions in your environment. Judder is eliminated with technology that increases playback speed to accommodate lighting levels.

To ensure that you can discern details in the brightest as well as the darkest images without discomfort, Bang & Olufsen’s Adaptive Image Contrast uses an algorithm that accounts for interactions between the eye and brain. Contrast is adjusted automatically in response to the darkening effect of 3D images and tinted 3D eyewear.

Backlighting of individual areas of the screen can be dimmed or turned off so they appear darker than the rest of the screen.

B&O Sound

Sound systems offer you an audio experience that replicates the life and passion of the original performance almost to perfection.

Bang & Olufsen’s surround sound, available with all their TVs, employs an algorithm that continually recreates the perfect synergy between sound and vision, allowing you to lose yourself in your favourite film.

Beautiful, handcrafted high-performance loudspeakers ensure that sound spreads through the room with power and clarity, while subtle details are revealed.

Comfortable and stylish in-ear headphones and headsets made from the best materials, allow you to enjoy the highest quality sound with distraction.

With a Bang & Olufsen wireless portable music system, you can listen to music from your smartphone, iPod, iPad, iPhone, Mac or PC.


All products are tested rigorously for durability and performance. Loudspeaker performance is tested using electroacoustical measurements taken in one of the largest privately owned facilities in the world and by a panel of experts selected for their extraordinary hearing abilities.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]