Bespoke Table for Video Conferencing

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Bespoke Table For Video Conferencing

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For Sale


One of our clients is looking to sell this bespoke video conferencing table. See functional summary for overview or contact us for more details if you are interested.

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Functional Summary

[/heading][vc_column_text]The video conferencing system (VC) is made of two components: a table with integrated Polycom conferencing equipment and a screen with camera linked to the table and dedicated Coms room.

Currently, the table and screen are integrated within the home automation system, Control4, and activated from a Control4 wall plate. Once the mode of the room is switched to ‘Conference mode’, a central console in the table raises to reveal 6 guest seats with built-in microphones, display-to-screen connections for laptops and a chairman’s seat with microphone and control of both Polycom and display-to-screen systems. A sliding wall in the room reveals camera and screen, switched on and ready for use.

There are 7 ‘button’ ‘Microflex mx395 low profile boundary microphones‘ set into the console, all with LED indicators for ‘live mode’. These microphones are intelligently and automatically mixed.

Each of the 6 guest seats has CAT5, CAT6 and HDMI ports and two power supplies. The system has capability to receive 3 further guest data input points. Currently all 6 local guest seats and 3 remote guest seats are connected within the table to a series of ‘switchers’ and result in a single output being sent to a central Comms. Which PC gets forwarded is dictated by the most recently pressed ‘Show me’ button. The currently forwarded PC input is indicated via an LED on the console. There is also a ‘cancel’ button to de-select the currently showing PC.

Back-of-house equipment for the Polycom system is located within the body of the table and in the Comms Room.