BeoVision Avant

‘The new BeoVision Avant: it takes 89 years to create movement this beautiful’

BeoVision Avant, Bang & Olufsen’s most important product in generations was launched on 8th May 2014. This new hero television is differentiated from the competitor’s ones by an impressive integrated sound solution, highest picture quality, outstanding movement and nevertheless easiest operation system. It is simply magical!




As world’s leading luxury audio-visual brand Bang & Olufsen always perform with the best quality of picture. There are plenty of technologies working together to deliver simply the best picture in the world:

  • LED-based LCD Ultra High Definition 4k (3840×2160 pixels resolution) imagery
  • Amazing contrast and smooth picture performance in fast moving scenes
  • Anti-reflection coating front glass in the screen
  • Impeccable colour reproduction thanks to calibration and a new feature called Chromatic Room Adaptation
  • Dual light sensor on top of the screen, measuring the light conditions to adapt the picture constantly
  • Movie, Gaming, PC monitor modes.


BeoVision Avant contains an integrated sound solution: 3-channel stereo with impressive bass performance, versatility of the sound: sound modes, sound groups, up and downmixing, integrating surround sound and wireless transmitter for wireless loudspeakers… It is all inside – the perfect A/V center Netradio, Spotify and Deezer music services as something new.


When you switch it on, it unfolds and shows off its full potential. BeoVision Avant takes you on a carefully choreographed experience when placed on the different stand options. This is done to give you exceptional placement flexibility also in a large screen TV that would otherwise not be able to turn to these extreme positions.

Easy Operation

Bang & Olufsen introduces new remote control : BeoRemote One. BeoRemote One is beautiful and holds some convenient novelties: we have made three buttons for special requests – MyButtons for an impressive ease of use. BeoVision Avant offers high-quality experience of movement, sound and vision and integrates sources to give you access with one touch on your remote control. It is a combination of technology, simplicity and convenience you will find nowhere else.