BeoVision 11

A masterpiece of picture, sound and digital entertainment


BeoVision 11 will challenge your senses and all previous conceptions of what a TV can be. While BeoVision 11’s stunning lines may at first seduce the eye you’ll find countless innovations inside its sleek exterior that will bring you to a new world of sensory delight. Engineered with uncompromising Bang & Olufsen perfection, they drive outstanding performance through the exceptional LED-based LCD display (200Hz) capable of 2D, 3D and Smart TV functionality.BeoVision 11 is available in 40-inch, 46-inch and 55-inch variants. BeoVision 11’s picture and sound adapt themselves to different viewing and listening situations. Adjusting to how much light there in the room and the image currently on the screen. Adaptive Contrast ensures that darker areas in a scene appear pitch-black and full of contrast even when daylight floods the screen.




At Bang & Olufsen, sound is an art form. Carefully turned by hand and by ear, it is the embodiment of our search for acoustic perfection. As well as picture, BeoVision 11’s sound also can automatically tailor itself regarding what you’re watching – thriller, sports, YouTube etc. The 55-inch model comes with two bass ports angled downwards to ensure that, only the purest sounds reach your ears.


BeoVision 11’s electronic curtains slide away to reveal razor sharp picture quality with incredible depth. Colours, bursting with indelible impact. Opening your eyes to a whole new level of expectation. Bang & Olufsen made this television with comprehensive entertainment options to make sure your experience is optimised and true to its director’s intentions. For instance, ‘Film ‘ mode changes the temperature of the image for richer, warmer colours. While ‘Game’ mode reduces the screen’s input-to-output delay to a minimum in response to the challenge of modern gaming. BeoVision 11 provides connection to Set-top boxes, gaming consoles, Blu-ray players, controlled by one remote. BeoVision 11 is about expanding the way you interact and enjoy your TV. As soon as you press TV on your remote, BeoVision 11’s motorised floor or wall bracket will automatically adjust its angle.