Benefits of Installing Home Automation and Control Systems

home automation londonThe global home automation and control system market is estimated to rise from £10 million to £21 million by 2016.

More and more people are recognising the benefits of home automation installation. The ability to control all the aspects of your home from one single device at any time and anyplace is more than just a luxury – it’s peace of mind.

Control, comfort and convenience are the three major benefits of home automation. Total control over your home’s security system. The comfort of an entertainment system which is seamlessly integrated into one universal remote, your smartphone or your tablet. The convenience of completely automated climate in your house.


Watch CCTV footage from your smartphone while you are at work. Remotely lock windows, doors and garages. Programme your lights to flash on and off, and receive email, phone calls or text messages from your alarm system when somebody suspicious approaches your house.

Home insurance costs are substantially lower for those with an automated home, and with good reason – an automated home is a secure home.

Not only does an automated home protect your family from crime, but it also protects your home from fire. Check whether your daughter remembered to turn off her hair straighteners from the office, and turn them off for her if she forgot. Connect your smoke alarm to your lighting system – if the alarm goes off, the lights come off, so that your family’s escape is well-lit.

By installing automated lighting you could prevent burglaries, program your system to turn the lights on and off while you are on holiday giving the appearance someone is in the house.


home automation FulhamRemotely controlled heating and cooling systems keep your energy bill low and your family in comfort. A smart home is a convenient home, and it knows to turn the heating off when you go to work or when you go to bed, meaning financial savings for you, and energy savings for the planet. Close windows remotely to prevent warm air from escaping.

Control the level of brightness to suit your mood. A light bulb lasts 20 times longer when dimmed to 50%, meaning that you can save energy and money while you are away by automating your lighting system.


How would you like to wake up to your favourite music playing and the lights coming on slowly, all without getting out of bed?

The latest home entertainment technology is smart technology. Enjoy the quality of a cinema experience from the comfort of your own home by investing in a high-end surround sound system. Enjoy high-fidelity music in all the rooms of your home, with a multi-room hi-fi system that suits your exact tastes. Of course, your entertainment system is managed from one device of your choice, a smartphone, tablet or laptop.

KAV London can provide you with a fully automated smart home to keep your future safe and your home secure.