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Belgrave Square & Home Entertainment, Lighting, Satellite Systems and Security

About Belgrave Square

Belgrave Square, at the heart of the exclusive Belgravia District in central London, was built by Thomas Cubitt in the 1820s.

At the center of the square are Belgrave Square Gardens, designed by George Basevi. This private garden is for the use of residents and workers at Grosvenor Belgravia Estate.

Surrounding the gardens are statues of Christopher Columbus, Prince Henry the Navigator, Simon Bolivar and Don Jose de San Martin. Enzo Plazzottaís Homage to Leonardo, the Vitruvian Man, is here, as are a bust of Basevi and a statue of Sir Robert Grosvenor, for whom the square was built.

A stone’s throw from Buckingham Palace, Belgrave Square has been home to members of the aristocracy. Prince Edward, Duke of Kent was born here.

Today, most of the buildings are occupied by embassies and organizations. The Austrian Embassy has been in the square since 1871.The Romanian and Italian Cultural Institutes are here, as are the Royal College of Psychiatrists and the Society of Chemical Industry.

The square’s wealthy private residents come from countries around the world and houses here can sell for more than £10 million.

The square is walking distance from the Royal Court Theatre, Curzon Mayfair Cinema, St Peterís Church and Wellington Arch on Hyde Park Corner.

Our Home Theatre, Lighting Design and Foreign Satellite TV in Belgrave Square

Residents of Belgrave Square expect the very best when it comes to home entertainment, lighting and TV, and we are happy to provide it.

We specialise in designing bespoke home theatres and private cinemas. Our experts, which include a team of specialist acoustic engineers, help to ensure the highest quality cinema experience in the space provided, while at the same time ensuring the fulfilment of our clientís wishes.

Lighting design by John Cullen allows our clients to create the right ambience for any occasion. John Cullen’s stunning lighting fittings are the perfect complement to Belgrave Square’s striking architecture.

Our foreign satellite TV systems allow our cosmopolitan clientele to view programmes from Russia, the Middle East and Europe. We have a team of multilingual managers to make communication with our clients as easy as possible.

Security, Building Management and Control Systems

High end home security is a must for our prestigious clients, and KAV is happy to provide it. We design security doors and windows that are beautiful as well as functional. We also provide door entry systems, CCTV alarms and safes.

We install building management systems that integrate heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC).

Our control and home automation systems allow our clients to control their home entertainment, lighting, HVAC and security with one device.

Residents of Belgrave Square can be sure that when it comes to home theatres, lighting design and high end security, KAV can provide them with the best.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]