Beginner’s Guide to Home Automation

home automation LondonWhat is Home Automation?

Home automation is the ability to take all of the technologies in your home and control them wirelessly from one device. Control your central heating using an interface on your computer. Monitor your security system using an app on your tablet. Use a smartphone, or even keypads and touchpanels mounted around the house, to play your favourite music or control the lighting.  The options are countless and you can pick and choose what you connect to your home automation system and what you don’t.

Which System Combinations Can I Choose From?

There are many available combinations. The most popular one is Network and Wi-Fi with a whole house music system and multiroom video. This combination will allow you to watch one Sky box, or any other source, from every television in the house. It also lets you control all your music from one device and play it anywhere throughout your home. With a whole house network and Wi-Fi, you will have very good Internet connection anywhere in the house.

What Do KAV London Offer

Just as there are a range of system combinations to choose from, there are also a range of home automation products. We primarily offer professional installation for three home automation systems: Crestron Home Automation, Control4 Home Automation and Savant Home Automation. Do you own a number of Apple products? Savant integrates seamlessly with Apple devices, and has an intuitive user interface. Are you looking for a flexible system with additional functionality? Creston is the leading provider of control and automation systems. Would you prefer a more affordable option? Control4 is reliable and able to work with a wide range of systems and is the best choice if you want to integrate a full house music.

Why Now?

The major technology companies are making their move on home automation. Google made a big investment in January 2014, spending $3.2 billion to acquire Nest Labs, a home automation company. Nest Labs are best known for their control system which intuitively adjusts your heating according to your family’s lifestyle. Other big names quickly followed, Samsung announced its Smart Home initiative, whilst Archos is also getting into the act with their Connected Home system. Fitting a home with automation is expensive, but at KAV London we estimate that it will add significant value to your property over and above the cost of installation.