August Edition: Integrated & Invisible


explores two of the industry’s pioneers in invisible home technology as well as automation features taking your home integration to new levels

Read on for more about our work in Lagos, our recent highlights and what’s coming up for KAV London

With Decorex fast approaching in September, preparations are well under way for an exciting audio visual experience with KAV. Make sure to come and find us on Stand B38. We look forward to seeing you there!



Amina Loudspeakers

The invisible audio solution

Amina specialise in concealing loudspeakers behind the wall or ceiling for a fully integrated experience. Read on for a catch up with Peter and take a look at our interactive slider to reveal the speakers in our showroom here! 

Neod Technology

Invisible integration through the art of design

When it comes to invisible technology, Neod are global innovators in making the most of minimalistic home design. Famous for their video screens, mounted behind mirrors and various other glass fixtures in the home, they only appear as they come to life. This is demonstrated by the photographs below of the Neod Mirror Television from our showroom. Take a look at their full collection here. 

Furthermore, the company promotes energy efficiency through optical image control in their design. KAV London are always happy to install products with a good energy rating to reduce costs for our clients.

Contact KAV London about the custom design and installation options available for all Neod Technology.




Smart Glass

Speaking about invisible technology, we can’t ignore one of the greatest technological developments ever in glass windows. Smart glass has a range of functionality including switching from transparent to opaque at the touch of a button. Further features make it interactive or mirrored for a range of applications in the office or home. Intelligent Glass are exhibiting at UK Construction Week for Smart Buildings in October laster this year.


Wireless communication

A lot of your smart home devices may already be using ZigBee’s short-range networks to communicate with each other. ZigBee is capable of quickly transmitting small packets of data between systems, further enhancing wireless technology in the home.

The low power usage of ZigBee also allows remote devices to communicate efficiently on a single battery for a very long life. One great example is the NYCE wireless door hinge that was released last month!


The wireless video doorbell

Ring is an innovative new doorbell with a range of practical applications. With an inbuilt camera and motion sensor, you can get a live feed of whoever is standing at your front door from your mobile! This works whether you’re at home or anywhere else in the world. We like this product for the ability to interact with someone on your doorstep as well as the added security. As a bonus, the doorbell will record any suspicious activity at the front of your property and store the clips for you to review.

Take a look at it in action. 




Introducing Tamsin as the latest member of the team. In her own words “I am delighted to be working for KAV and excited to begin my new role with the company!” Well she has begun and now we don’t know what we’d do without her. Introduce yourself if you hear her friendly voice next time you call!

KAV in Lagos

In a fully global industry, Lagos in Nigeria is no exception. Demand for high-end audio visual technology is growing with the rapid development and expansion of the city. With a local office and a portfolio of successful projects, KAV London is now perfectly positioned for audio visual consultation, specification and installation across a range of home technology products and services.

Tom took part in the London Prudential last week and had an amazing time despite having to switch bikes. Over 25,000 people made it to the finish making it Europe’s biggest ever sportive!

Amina Invisible Speakers

with Peter Addyman

This month we go behind the scenes with the loudspeakers from Amina Technologies. Designed to be installed in the ceiling or walls, these invisible speakers are an intriguing audio solution. To find out more, I caught up with Peter for his wealth of experience in specifying these speakers.

What was immediately clear after listening to the 550i ceiling speakers with ALF80 subwoofer was the all-round quality performance. “They are suitable for high-end music as well as home cinema with bass capabilities and clarity like no other plaster-over speaker system” said Peter. He went on to demonstrate the reason this set up is popular with 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound systems, where the ambient vibrations create a thrilling experience.

What have Amina developed to take these speakers to new heights? Well it’s largely down to the engineering behind their innovative Optidrive, Optidamping and OptiModal technology. Peter explains how these work in harmony to distribute the finely optimised audio signal through the speaker’s exciters at high, low and mid-range frequencies for advanced clarity.

Explore our slider reveal for the Amina speakers in our showroom, more about how these speakers work and the installation process here!

Get in contact to book a live demonstration in our showroom and experience these amazing invisible speakers for yourself.


| 20 – 23 September |

Decorex 2015 is fast approaching and preparations are underway for an exciting audio visual experience with KAV London. More details to come!

Miele Cook Off
| 16th September |

The next cook off is due to take place in September. We invite a new selection of contestants each time, so contact us if you’re interested in taking part.

Next CPD

| Friday 30th October |

An insight into working and designing with audio visual companies, hosted at our showroom in Fulham. Get in contact to book a place.