Are Advances in Home Theatre Technology Killing Real Theatres?

home cinema london Home theatre technology is no longer a jittery television with tiny speakers.  Now, homes across the UK are able to provide a fully immersive cinematic  experience thanks to high-definition televisions, surround sound speakers, and  blu-ray DVD players.

Faced with the question of comfort and choice in your own living room, or paying  out for a £10 ticket at the local cinema, what do you choose? In fact, 73% of  people prefer watching films at home compared to the local cinema. Are advances  in private cinema killing public cinema?

Basic Home Theatre

Creating a home theatre experience in your living room is easier than ever these days. To get set up, all you need is:

  • A large-screen television with good picture quality

Depending on the distance between your sofa and the TV, a 27” screen (measured diagonally) is about the size you will need to create a cinema feeling.

  • Five speakers with surround sound equipment

Creating a surround-sound system involves speakers being located at various places in the room: one speaker directly in front of you, two should be placed to the sides of the centre speaker and one to each side of you. The audio signal is split into multiple channels so the sound experience is completely immersive.

  • Access to high-definition films

Once you’re set up and your sofa is in the optimum viewing position, all you need are films with clear visuals. Renting high-quality films is simple these days thanks to DVDs, film on demand channels, online streaming and downloads.

A basic home theatre with all of these components can be purchased for around the £300 mark, but if you’ve got the funds, then the sky’s the limit for high-end home theatres.

High-End Home Cinema

Innovative design and state-of-the-art technology means that your private home theatre experience can be exactly the way you want it. Cinema projectors, built-in speakers, and even bolted theatre seats make home cinemas the spitting image of the real thing.

This Central London apartment has a bespoke private cinema room equipped with a 60” television and a 5.1 Bowers & Wilkins system. In-ceiling speakers and front speakers covered with acoustically transparent panels to integrate seamlessly into the room.

If money is no object, then why not go all out? This million pound home cinema system includes an incredible 250” screen and 3D projector. By installing multiple Kaleidescape M300 players in the house, films can be accessed anywhere in the home. A separate kids’ cinema zone automatically locks access to ratings above PG, so parents never have to worry.

High-end home cinemas range from around £18,000 to millions of pounds, and offer complete flexibility of design, technology and innovation.

Does Home Cinema Technology Mean the Death of Real Cinemas?

Home cinema technology is so incredibly advanced that cinematic experiences can be tailored to personal perfection and there is almost no need to consider going to public cinemas ever again.

Fewer people are going to the cinema these days. In 2012, there were 3.9 billion viewings of feature films on TV in the UK – 22 times the number of cinema admissions. However, cinema-going hasn’t died yet; cinema admissions are now rising again in Britain. In 2013, they reached 172 million, up 0.5% on 2011. The cinema-going demographic is changing too. In Britain, the proportion of over-45s among regular film-goers rose from 14% in 1997 to 30% in 2008. The younger generations, on the other hand, are more inclined to watch films at home.

Perhaps there’s a middle way? Cinema experiences at home and in the cinema will never be quite the same. Whether you prefer a quiet night in with an indie film at home, an arthouse screening at your local independent cinema, or a family expedition to the newest Hollywood blockbuster at the multiplex, there is a cinema-going experience to suit everyone.

Thinking About Installing Your Own Home Cinema?

Thinking about your own cinema system after reading about the beauty of home cinema? KAV London offers tailored private theatres for your home and home automation so that you can control your electronics from your own pocket. KAV London install home cinema systems in London and the UK, we also provide consultancy for projects abroad.