Amina Speakers

Amina Speakers: The invisible audio solution

The loudspeaker range from Amina combines high quality audio performance with the ability to be invisible. Amina Speakers are built into your ceiling or walls and plastered over to create a seamless finish. At KAV London we have two in-ceiling Amina speakers in our showroom which are revealed by the slider below!

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Installing Amina Speakers

Amina speakers make clever use of their invisible loudspeaker technology to produce strong vibrations of sound which are amplified by an aluminium honeycomb panel. These vibrations transfer through the soundboard into the air, dispersing impressive audio quality throughout the room. The loudspeaker design sits just a few millimetres recessed into the ceiling or wall, to be plastered over, as if they were never there. You can then treat the wall as you would normally. This makes Amina technologies popular in 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound set-ups where discreet and ambient sound adds to the overall effect.

For a video demonstration of installation, take a look at the clip on the Amina Technologies website.

Get in contact for more information or to book a live demonstration in our showroom in London.