5 Essential Elements of a Home Cinema

When it comes to bringing Hollywood into your living room, there are five essential elements no automated home cinema can do without.

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Your home is not complete without a home cinema. Whether you’re in search of Hollywood magic or an art house haven, we’ve got the best in-class products that are the difference between an authentic cinema experience and just another big screen.

1. Lights with Dimmer Controls

There’s something special about that moment in a cinema when the lights suddenly dim and the conversation stops. It’s a signal that people know and respect the world over. Through home automation, you can recreate that special moment in your home cinema too. Using a control system, you can have the lights dim the moment the film begins, then turn back on again when the film is finished.

2. D-Box Cinema Seating

What good is a high-end home cinema without high-end seating? Fortress Seating make excellent quality chairs that are upgradeable with D-Box technology, meaning that your seat will vibrate and rumble in time with the action on the big screen.

3. LED Step Lights

Why not recreate a realistic cinema feeling with LED step lights? Thanks to home automation technology, you can easily rig the lights to turn on when the film is paused, allowing you to see your way to the bathroom without having to stumble around in the dark!

4. Motorised Projection Screen and Drop Down Projector Lift

For those who want their living room to be their home cinema, but don’t want to compromise on space, a motorised projection screen is the ideal solution. At the touch of a button, a motorised projection screen can lower into place when you are ready to watch a film, then disappear again once the film is over.

If you would prefer to have the projector itself out of sight whilst not in use, it’s possible to install a motorised drop down projector lift. This technology allows you to choose the optimal position for your projector without compromising on the overall aesthetics of your room, giving you the best of both worlds.

5. High-Fidelity Audio

Surround sound is key to achieving an immersive cinema experience. Depending on the set up of your room, we would either recommend a 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound system. This would put six to eight different speaker channels at strategic points around the room, which represents the very latest advances in audio technology. Never before has this been this possible in the home, and never before have films sounded this good.

These days it’s not only possible to replicate a commercial cinema experience, you can easily exceed it too, and all from the comfort of your own home. Technology has never been better at providing that authentic film experience, exactly the way you want it. It’s time to bring film to life.

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